This is not my on Facebook pages!!!!!!!! on Facebook ( Esmari Kennels) !!!
Please people be very aware Scam!!! Scam!!! Someone stole my kennel name ESMARI KENNELS as well as photo’s They only add an (s) end of Kennel Esmari Kennels Scam Scam !!! 
And are selling fake puppies on fb under Esmari Kennels with an email address of I don't have an email address from!!!
When you do an inquiry on my dog’s you will only deal with me directly I Am a Female 32 years old I run my own kennel And I don't Breed Fade colours. Born and Live in South Africa my cell 071 717 1379 email only This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Esmari Kennel is in Pretoria ...east only and my Kennel Name is Esmari Kennel on FB !!!! NOT ESMARI KENNELS

Please also take not I will never say my breeding is a Company or a
Small Business. Breeding is a passion not a Business or a Company 
It’s a hobby my passion my life   

Fade Colours / Dilute / Blue

In July 2016 I made an appointment with Inqaba Biotec Animal Genetics with Mischa Francesca Fraser

I want to know as match as I can about the Colour Locus / and Dilute the more I learn the better I will understand and especially as a breeder it’s very important

Mischa Francesca Fraser took the time out of here very buzzy schedule and we discuss the Colour Locus / and Dilute 

You can’t breed the Dilute 100% out of the Bloodlines you need it if you breed it out you will have another problem bred in to your bloodlines 

However you can breed it but not bring out the Blue or shale I say dilute colour but never breed the dilute out. 

If you only Breed Dilute dd to Dilute dd in a long period generation after generation you will start to breed a long gene pool of only dd   this will cause bad eye sight and match later more problems just like you can’t breed the Normal Colour 100% out of the Dilute dog’s Then you will have problems there as well Generations later!

Let me explain DD is clean dog he is not a carrier of Dilute 

                             Dd is a Carrier of Dilute and normal Colour  

                             dd is 100% Dilute Carrier so he is Dilute or is a Carrier

So you will not breed a dd to dd if you want to register your puppy by KUSA

You will all so not breed Dd to Dd then you may have a 25% of every puppy born to be Dilute you can’t register by KUSA if you have a dilute puppy they are not known to KUSA

What you can do is breed DD DD and all so not every time you will have to mix it up DD Dd and you will have the dilute gene but it won’t came out in the litter

This is way breeders mast test their dog s to determine what you want to breed? 


Este Dessels

Po Box 771 Rayton 1001
Tweedracht (Pretoria)

Este 071 717 1379

When doing an enquiry, please specify the breed your enquiry is about. If you are interested in our puppies feel free to write to us in order to get more information.
We do not sell puppies to any person, please first introduce yourself, specify your country and write some details that will help us know you better.

We do not reply to a sms please email us.

If we do have puppies Available or expecting litter's it will be posted on the puppies pages as Available or Expecting :)

Please Click to send an e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.    


This is a photo of me taken in April 2017 with French Bulldog's


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