Extremely proud Thanks to Wayne Streak you are the Best 
Esmari I Am Bugari number 80 in AnimalTalk top 100 dog's

Our Girl CH Sopianae Imperator Elegance of Esmari again in Animal Talk July page 11  2013 addition
so proud of our girl

Roxanne Robertson said:

"In our family we have two beautiful and outrageously spoilt bulldogs called Oscar and Gracie, whom are brother and sister and are the offspring of the one and only beautiful Ivan. We were desperately searching for bullies about 4 years ago when we came across, Esmari kennels or Este as we know her. At the time all her pups had already been taken and we had to wait for her next "edition" to male their way into our world. About 3 days later, a Sunday which I will never forget she phoned us and said she had a little boy for us, needless to say when we saw the photos we fell in love with our boy. We rushed to the pet shop and bought blankets and a basket and everything possible we could get into a basket in 30 seconds. When we stopped in front of Este's house we were welcomed with a warm heart and a friendly smile. And about 2 hours later we left with Oscar in our hands and what a blessing it is. We have the healthiest little man on earth and he is absolutely beautiful.
About two years ago seeing all the beautiful little babies on Facebook we couldn't help to get broody. Este let us know when our gorgeous little girl was born and a week or two later we were in the car to go meet her. Every week we got photos of how she got up to mischief as she grew. Este was so helpful and understanding and loved our little just as much as we do.
We would never ever consider getting bullies from any one but Este. The dogs are of world class quality if its not even better. Being someone who loves animals how animals get treated are important and when you step onto Este's grass you can feel and see the love she shares with her doggies.
Even after a few years she always asks how her babies are doing.
Este all I can say is thank you thank you thank you. You are our angel"


"Dear Este
Just want you to know that you have changed our lives in so many ways. When I first got Daisy from you she turned our lives around in the best way. She has been  a true blessing. She is different from any other dog, actually , I don't see her as a dog, she is my baby and always will be. She speaks to me', loves to go on holiday with us so that she can surf the waves ( that's her best fun in the world to body surf the waves) I can put a link and a video on it.... )She is so healthy, so gentle, I take her for walks everyday,  then she has to jump into a small baby swimming pool I got her... She is just the life of the house. She has her own life jacket for deep water, and only under supervision. She  makes me laugh at least once a day. She is my best friend and my shadow. She has helped me in more ways than I can say. I came out of serious depression because i could not have any more children and had just had a miscarriage. Then I got Daisy. Bulldogs are like true children. There is nothing ordinary  about a bulldog, they are children! They must sleep inside, and always keep warm, just like you would a child... Other thing about Daisy is that she is not lazy! That is a myth, she takes me for a run 20 minutes everyday.... And gets so excited! What's also a myth about bulldogs is that they all drool- mine don't, maybe it's because they get more than enough food. Yes they do let off gas a little but who doesn't.... - feed them the correct food and it won't smell etc, oh yes they do snore but for me it puts me to sleep.... They are definitely not dumb - you can train them to do anything you want, with some treats and some patience. The most important thing to know about a bulldog is that they are house dogs even lap dogs, these are not guard dogs at all. A family would never be complete without having at least one bulldog as a member.
We have now decided to buy another little member to our family from Estie. Daisy is now over a year old.... We have called him Buster. He is so adorable and so easy to house train, what a pleasure. Daisy has been spayed but thinks Buster is her baby, it's so cute watching them play together. Buster is a good strong healthy puppy. He makes us laugh all the time... I have painted a portrait of all my babies, just waiting for Buster to get a little older so that his features develop then I will do one of him, can't wait!          
I know Daisy will always be special to me but you can never have enough  kids! Buster has already found a place in my heart...  Este's bulldogs come from a good blood line and are well taken care off. In future If I ever want another one, I will only go there. I know from experience that they are healthy and good natured.  Daisy has helped me through depression without medication, they can be very therapeutic! She keeps me fit, even when I don't feel like it for the day( she gives me that look, that you can't say no to) so off we go running or brisk walking. She gives me unconditional love every day. She is my inspiration for when I am painting. She is my best friend. I can not, and will not go away without her, I don't know if its me that won't survive it, or her. But we have never been apart since she arrived. I've gone and purchased a land rover so that its more comfortable for the babies when we take them out. We often take them to a dog friendly park on weekends called Walk Haven ( google it, it's really cool) its even got a restaurant where doggies are more then welcome to sit on the chairs if they like. Now that I have my new car ill be able to take them there more often........yey! I could go on and on and on.......... It all comes down to the babies I bought from Estie are healthy and strong, they have changed my life."

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