Hello, we are Esmari Kennels!

The Home of Happy Healthy Dogs & Cockatoos

Speaking of Frenchies, our champs are bred with care, raised with love and offered with pride. We breed awesome French Bulldogs for over 19 years.


We breed awesome Cockatoo birds.

All our birds are born and raised in Pretoria, in a loving environment with affection and care. They are hand reared.

Welcome To Esmari’s Dream

French Bulldogs and Cockatoos are our passion. Breeding is hard work, sleepless nights and a lot of stress.

It is Passion Driven to succeed. It’s not for everyone because it takes a lot out of you. Showing is a game, it gives you an idea of how good your quality of breeding dogs is. Knowing whether you are on the right track. The Blueprint – I like to call it our KUSA French Bulldog Standard, as well as health and temperament, you have to find a way to combine all of this into one package. Owning a French Bulldog & Cockatoos are not really for everyone.

I have imported most of my dogs and found my Foundation Bitch Champion Sopianae Imperator Elegance of Esmari and Dog Champion Gold-Sierra Voldemort Of Esmari and this is how I built Esmari Kennel – The Legend of Those 2 Champion dogs will always go on. I have bred more Champions out of them and was blessed to do so. Champion Gold-Sierra Voldemort Of Esmari was the Second Red Dog with a Black mask to have been brought into South Africa. He was the First Gold-Sierra kennel Import into South Africa. Not once was I disappointed. From Champion Gold-Sierra Voldemort Of Esmari and Sopianae Imperator Elegance of Esmari, I have Bred Esmari I Am Calida. Her little sister Esmari I Am Yum Yum and their Brother Esmari I Am Teddy. I will never forget these amazing stars. I am the owner and not a day goes by that I am not grateful and so very thankful for how far Esmari ‘s Dream has come. Now I am starting my Second Dream, my Second Love that was actually my First love. And fortunately for me, I now have a Partner that is going to join me on this wonderful journey and our family will be expanding.

Growing up I had a Parrot Named Winnie, my best friend in the whole world, sadly she has passed on. In March 2020 it would have been 6 years. I had her since I was 10 years old. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss her. Now that I have introduced myself a little, have a look around my page. You can find more information about the breed and pictures of our dogs & Cockatoos. You can also see what we have been up to lately on the news page. Furthermore, we are aiming at keeping you posted about current and future litters.