Raising your puppies

We now offer the raising of puppies.

In the case of an accidental mating taking place, or if Mommy has unfortunately passed on after a C-Section.
When it comes to Frenchies, we All know that mommies can’t raise their own puppies.
They are Human made dogs – without our interference the puppies won’t make it in life.
Human mommy has a Full Time Job and needs help on the way, that’s what I am here for.
Believe me it happens.


Raising puppies is a Full time Job.


They have to be kept safe and warm and need to be fed every two hours, it an around the clock job.
As many of you know, Mommy can’t be left alone with the puppies.
Puppies and Mommy need to be monitored closely.

We offer you our services with Experience. Raised with Love, Offered with Pride.