Esmari Double Delight

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My name is ‘Esmari Double Delight’ but my friends call me Celine.

I was born to Champion Thundaride Fast and Furious and Champion Imperator Minerva of Esmari (import of Hungary) on 15 April 2017.

I am a special French Bulldog, some may say that I have the characteristics of a kangaroo. I am quite the free spirit as I love to run and play and jump over the most insane obstacles, in fact some have even mentioned that I should be an agility Frenchie, you know, one of a kind.

My best friend is a pink Galah named Astrid. But I’m not really too fussy, I love to play with the cocatoos, even the bare eyed baby girls. As you can see, I am also quite the couch surfer, I am really good at doing stunts like, rolling over and playing dead, catching zzz’s and snoring.

NameEsmari Double Delight
Date of Birth15 April 2017
MotherChampion Imperator Minerva of Esmari (import of Hungary)
FatherChampion Thundaride Fast and Furious
Land of OriginSouth Africa