Esmari Zippity Doodah

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I am ‘Esmari Zippity Doodah’
Born to ‘Esmari I am Teddy’ and Esmari I am Rizzoli on 16/12/2017,

The birds were chirping, and the sun was smiling, my parents are such happy souls and a result, I am quite the flower child. I am a happy go lucky girl and will love you to death if given half the chance.

My name ZIP- A- DEE- DOO – DAH, A Song by James Baskett was given to me because of my wonderfully delightful nature.

There are days where I cannot control my excitement, this happens whenever I see a person or one of my siblings but mostly the cat – I just want to cuddle.


My favorite pass time is to give mommy grey hair when I start munching on my blanket. I have plenty of toys, my favorite toy is a squeaky toy and I love playing catch with it, but if it doesn’t squeak, its not my toy. Then all I want to do is eat little pieces out of all the blankets I possibly can, my mommy just loves me. My little brother is ‘Esmari Just my Style’ and as his big sister, I just love to annoy him. I just want to hug him and squeeze him; I am just so happy all the time.

NameEsmari Zippity Doodah
Date of Birth16/12/2017
MotherEsmari I am Rizzoli
FatherEsmari I am Teddy
Land of OriginSouth Africa