Esmari Puzzle Pieces

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I am ‘Esmari Puzzle Pieces but my mom calls me Gidget. I was born to ‘Esmari I am Teddy ‘and ‘Esmari Heartbreaker’ on 24 December 2018

I am a very friendly girl. I love playing catch, especially when my mom ‘Esmari Heartbreaker’ comes along. I like to sneak onto the pillow next to my human mommy’s bed at night. I like to be in the bedroom all nice and cozy.

My favorite thing to do at the moment is to annoy my granny ‘Ellie – Champion Sopianae Imperator Elegance of Esmari’. I am usually a quiet and calm girl, a little bit of an introvert unless I see Granny Ellie that is, but mostly, I just love to spend time chilling with my mom.

NameEsmari Puzzle Pieces
Date of Birth24 December 2018
MotherEsmari Heartbreaker
FatherEsmari I am Teddy
Land of OriginSouth Africa