Esmari I am Jellybean

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My name is Jellybean ‘Esmari I am Jellybean’.

I was born to Champion Esmari I am Bugari and Esmari Pure Perfection on 3 June 2018.

I’m an excitable little girl, who absolutely adores cuddles and will literally steal the love from your pocket and leave you full of kisses.

I tried the show business for a while but found that I could not quite concentrate as my head is always in the clouds for my best friend Rodolfo ‘Esmari Just my Style’. He is my best friend and we love to play and cuddle. He has the most awesome jaw line and I think he is just so handsome. He shares all his toys with me and even shares his food with me. We are inseparable.







NameEsmari I am Jellybean
Date of Birth3 June 2018
MotherEsmari Pure Perfection
FatherChampion Esmari I am Bugari
Land of OriginSouth Africa