Esmari I am Calida

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My name is Jupiter, you may know me as ‘Esmari I am Calida’.  I am a fawn pied French Bulldog and very chilled.

I was born in South Africa to Champion Thundaride Fast and Furious and Esmari I am Calida on 21/06/2017.

I see myself as a rather good vocalist, as I love to sing when I see people or a kitty, even puppies. I mostly sing the words ‘I Wuff you’ which a very dear friend of mommy’s taught me how to do.

Some people may think I am squealing but really I am just so thrilled and excited to see people and love to bounce around and sing. I also quite enjoy chewing on my toys that mommy gives me, my favorite is a plastic squeaky bottle.

I can’t really say that I like that cat too much as when I tried to play catch with her, she got rather upset and ran away from me. Now I spend my days basking in the sun and watching the birdies, while playing with my daughter Gidget ‘Esmari puzzle pieces’ and our toys.

NameEsmari I am Calida
Date of Birth21/06/2017
MotherEsmari I am Calida
FatherChampion Thundaride Fast and Furious
Land of OriginSouth Africa