‘Esmari Just My Style’ but I go by Rodolfo

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My name is ‘Esmari Just My Style’ but I go by Rodolfo. I am a pretty cool dude and the chicks really dig me, but I have eyes for one girl only – My Jellybean.

I was born to’ Esmari I am Teddy’ and ‘Esmari I am Rizzoli’ on 16 December 2017 which makes extra special because I was born on the Day of Reconciliation.

Please Fallow the show news to see my show results.

I love to play and share my toys with my girl. We camp together, bath together and bask in the sunlight together. I woo her by sharing my food with her, you see, I am quite the romantic.

I chase after balls, and my mom calls me her buddy, we often play together when the weather is nice and cool. I have a favorite toy, her name is Jumbo, and she is just wonderful. I even share her with my Jelly. We also have a lion; I love to chew on his main of hair.

I am collecting the Safari collection and hope to soon have my paws on the crocodile.

Name‘Esmari Just My Style’ but I go by Rodolfo
Date of Birth16 December 2017
MotherEsmari I am Rizzoli
FatherEsmari I am Teddy
Land of OriginSouth Africa