Esmari I Am Teddy

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My name is ‘Esmari I Am Teddy’ bred out of Champion Gold-Sierra Voldemort Of Esmari and’ Champion Sopianae Imperator Elegance of Esmari’ born on 10 August 2013.

I was part of my mom’s first French bulldog litter that she ever bred.  My mom will never forget that I had 11 siblings.  Yes 12 of the most beautiful French bulldog puppies born in South Africa and then registered with KUSA.

My owner and my breeding mom both agreed that I am an old soul, even the fertility vet agrees and starts laughing at the thought of my name. I am a very special boy. A wise soul (like a little old man) born into the frame of a French Bulldog.

In my younger years I quite enjoyed the show ring and all of the attention I received from the ladies, with my beautiful soft red coat and my stunning black mask. I have won many Best of Breed shows as well as having taken best FCI in World Canine Organization. I have 3 CC points – (Challenge certificates) but I don’t like the show ring anymore, I have accomplished all of my goals so I’m all good, happy to sit at home with my mommy and cuddle.

I like to kiss my sister Megan’s nose, I just can’t help it, I love her so much.
I have to try and get the whole nose into my mouth, and then I’m a happy boy.

When my mommy goes out, I wait at the door for her, I just sit there waiting patiently, waiting for her to come home. Boy oh boy, when she comes back, it’s the best thing ever. I get so excited; I will scream with excitement for my mom to give me love first before the other siblings can come and say hi. Every night at bath time, I jump up onto the top of the bath and lie on the towel waiting for my mommy to get out. I guess that’s why my humans say that I am an old soul. I am just protecting my family. When my mommy is working in her office, which, lucky for me is at home, I will lie in my basket and watch her. I can’t help it, I just love her so much, and want to be everywhere my mommy is. It makes me feel content.


NameEsmari I Am Teddy
Date of Birth10 August 2013
MotherChampion Sopianae Imperator Elegance of Esmari
FatherChampion Gold-Sierra Voldemort Of Esmari
Land of OriginSouth Africa