Esmari Burn Baby Burn – I am Yiskah

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Champion Esmari Burn Baby Burn – I am Yiskah
I was born to two stunning parents ‘Esmari I Am Teddy’ and ‘Esmari Ready Steady Go (Caprese)’ on 1 June 2016.

We were a big litter of 6 puppies, but I knew I was the gorgeous one. Full of confidence, I knew I would absolutely kick butt in the show ring, and I did with the help, love and devotion of my daddy.  He loved me so much and spent a lot of time training me, spoiling me, and teaching me how to sit on his lap too.

I love showing off in the show ring, I absolutely love the attention the sleep overs, especially the road trips with my daddy. I know I have made both mommy and daddy soooo very proud.  My greatest love, besides the show ring and of course my mom and dad, is most definitely food. Oh, how I love to chow down. I love my food more than anything else in this whole world. Because of this, mommy has to constantly monitor my weight as it is hard to be a princess when all I do is munch.

NameEsmari Burn Baby Burn – I am Yiskah
Date of Birth1 June 2016
MotherEsmari Ready Steady Go (Caprese)
FatherEsmari I Am Teddy
Land of OriginSouth Africa